Our driftwood is chiefly collected from the coastlines of Wester Ross, Sutherland, Caithness and Lewis.  The wood may have had a short local journey but often it has drifted from further afield to wash up on sheltered stony beaches. We find wood in varying states of weathering and it is more often pine, Douglas fir or spruce, but sometimes we find oak, mahogany and marine plywood; materials used in boat construction. 



  For the driftwood to be able to be used in our designs, we must find it before it starts to degrade. Salt water erosion can produce beautifully highlighted textured grain, and sun bleaching gives the pleasing natural silver colour. Often, we find ‘new wood’ and we leave it out above the high tide mark for a year or so to allow nature to do its work. Unfortunately, in some instances we lose our stashed driftwood as winter storms remove and re-cycle it, or we just plain forget where we left it!



  To present the driftwood as a design feature, we dry and clean it and try to leave it as natural as when we found it.